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Double tariffs just like that!


Double tariffs just like that!

Good afternoon, dear users GetViewers.PRO!

Especially for our users, now at night you can turn on x2 on your tariff! And most importantly — THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Yes, yes, you heard right. Now for all users who like or are forced to stream at night, we give the opportunity to enable the tariff in a double form!
To enable you need to perform a simple action:
After 03:00 (by Moscow time) and until 11:00 (Moscow time) you can specify on your tariffs a number that is exactly 2 times more than the current tariff.
For example, you now have a tariff for 50 spectators, at 03 :01 you open the "Streams" section and see x2 next to the tariff. Now you can specify any number from 51 to 100. Especially for you, we have introduced an update, which now does not require turning off and on the tariff to change the quantity (The update only concerns the increase in the number, to reduce it, you will need to turn off the tariff and wait for a delay).</p >

x2 tariff exampleB 11: 00 the x2 service is turned off and the amount returns to the initially set one. The service works without any necessary conditions and every night. In the future, it will change and only get better, so stay tuned!

See you soon, always your teamGetViewers.PRO