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A page for selecting the number of subscribers for a channel on the Twitch. Payment options by many payment methods and via cashback. Selecting the required number and subscription delay of each follower.
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Twitch channel statistics plays a major role in displaying statistics of your achievements and attracting advertisers in order to earn money with broadcasts in the future.

Followers — free subscriber, a registered user is able to press the subscription button. Usually, a channel follower is issued when:

  1. You have been found among the millions of broadcasts on the site.
  2. A potential user is interested in the content.

Boosting Twitch followers will help you reach any desired number of followers.

Boost Twitch followers

A certain number of followers and other conditions set by the Twitch platform will be required to obtain the Affiliate and Affiliate Program. If there is no desire to receive on your own (in principle, which takes a lot of time), boosting followers on Twitch will help you.

The service is easy to set up and run, you will need to enter:

  • broadcast url;
  • the number of followers (partial promotion of subscribers is available);
  • set the delay time for connecting bots;

Twitch subscriber boost is updated instantly and you can apply for an affiliate program right away. Twitch will check the broadcast according to the criteria and give a response letter. After the approval of the application, the opportunity to earn by showing ads opens.

After purchasing a tariff, cheat followers on Twitch is available in the Personal Account unactivated and you can use it at any time.

Requirements for obtaining the "Companion" status:

  1. At least 500 minutes of streaming in the last 30 days.
  2. On average three (or more) viewers in the last month.
  3. A minimum of 7 days with unique streams within 30 days.
  4. Minimum 50 followers.

Requirements for obtaining the "Partner" status:

  1. Status "Companion".
  2. At least 25 hours of streaming in 30 days.
  3. Stream in 12 days.
  4. Average 75 viewers.

To receive the "Companion" status, you must meet the conditions described above and fill out the application that appears in the control panel.

The "Partner" status requires you to match them within a month, otherwise it will not be possible to apply for participation in the program.

The opening of special achievements makes it possible to participate in the partnership program, but it does not mean that you will definitely become an official representative. If all conditions are met, do not forget to submit your application and wait for it to be reviewed.

Subscribers to Twitch & nbsp; can be checked in the "Author's Control Panel", or on an online service showing detailed channel statistics.

Tracking statistics is carried out on Twitch or special sites, you can also compare it with popular streamers.

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