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Why they cheat subscribers to Telegram channels

Starting my own business. Where to get subscribers? Where to start?

Aspiring entrepreneurs will always have questions of this nature.

Today you will learn how to get subscribers in Telegram. Don't worry, almost all beginners do this. It is absolutely safe  and effective option for you. We will not consider options when you need to do mass mailings and attract customers yourself – maybe ride. The main condition – quality content and interesting information in your Telegram channel.

Types of wraps:

  1. Get subscribers in TG channel.
  2. Cheat views in the TG channel.

Let's consider how, why, why you need to cheat subscribers.

Subscribers are cheated in 2 ways:


- offers.

Bot – fictional character who just signed up but has been online for a very long time.

Offer – real people who joined Telegram for a fee.

Why buy subscribers.

Of course, to get the desired profit, in a short time.

Cheating is also used to overcome your fears at the start. Often we have the strength and courage to start, but the path of an entrepreneur is not easy. Long promotion of the channel can lead to a decrease in interest in their work. Sometimes, the lack of subscribers leads to the termination of activities.

Put yourself in the subscriber's shoes. Which channel would you subscribe to? Where the audience is only 3-5 people, or 200-500. Our thinking is so arranged that it is scary to go where there is no one. This is something new, unknown, and & nbsp; who are these pioneers, friend, girlfriend and brother and sister? And there are more people code, then the brain perceives this environment as safe for us, well, 300-500 people have already signed up, so there is something worthwhile, perhaps I’ll look. The number of subscribers determines where you will be in Telegram. The higher the position, the more visible your channel. It means that you will attract new real subscribers to yourself, increase the number of views, therefore, coverage will increase, activity will increase. All this will further increase interest in your content.

Telegram subscriber boost – will allow you to move faster from the start and be more interesting than your competitors.

By attracting new real subscribers to your channel, you increase your income, you get money for advertising, you get even more new subscribers and consumers of your product. That's how useful it is to wind them up.

Let's now consider how to wind up these most desirable subscribers.

  1. There are real bona fide services that basically offer you real subscribers who are temporarily active on your channel for a fee. Some services also offer bots, this is also acceptable.

You need to understand that sooner or later all the subscribers who have been wound up will gradually go into oblivion, they will not be constantly active in your Telegram, but both bots and hired subscribers will perform their main task.


  1. Scammers are everywhere, most often they get subscribers while your ad is being broadcast.

You can check the integrity of admins.

  • Don't post more than one ad at once.
  • Ask from another account, several subscribers where they came to you from, bots do not answer and do not view messages.
  • Ad views are 2 times less than subscribers.


  1. Various people who cheat you with bots for low pay. They can also offer you cheat software, as a rule, such software is expensive. Most likely, you will simply be deceived.

Why cheating is more efficient in the Telegram channel:

This app works just as well on a computer as it does on a phone, which means it has great reach. Telegram, relatively young, is now so popular that post views in it are 60-90%.

There are many different channels in Telegram: entertainment, news, thematic, copyright for any subscriber. This means that in order to attract real, not paid, subscribers to your content, you need to surprise them and lure them with your content.

Pros and cons of cheating:

Of the pluses -  for a low cost, you attract completely uninterested subscribers to your TG. Due to them, you start quickly, attract new real subscribers and can sell ads for more.

Of the minuses – if you abuse cheating, you may be blacklisted.


Increase telegram subscribersdefinitely worth it,  but please be careful when youservice bore. It is better to overpay a little than to get a bad reputation or get into an emergency. I strongly do not recommend doing promotion on your own if you have no experience in this.

Cheating subscribers is safe if you don't abuse it and of course don't get 10,000 subscribers at once, it looks at least strange. It is better to limit yourself to not a large number of 100-200 people. This will not cause unnecessary suspicion to your channel and will attract real subscribers.

I am also gaining subscribers in other social networks, but in my opinion this is already superfluous, Telegram is considered the most optimal today. Until recently, there was also Instagram, but for now, it’s better to limit yourself to one network.  

Cheating will give you fast fame in Telegram, increase your reach, and therefore increase your income.