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A few words about "cheat check" services


A few words about "cheat check" services

Cheating Twitch viewers: myths and reality

Hello, dear friends!

The heading "noodles filming" is on the air.

For quite a long time, our support has been receiving questions regarding various kinds of "services", "checking cheats" like viewbotting[.]ru and similar ones: 

  • Do such services really see Twitch subscribers and viewers cheats
  • do they pose any security risk to users?

Well, we asked - we answer: no, these services are fake, and now we'll tell you why.

After analyzing the operation of the service mentioned above, it is easy to establish that the results of the provided "checks" do not correlate in any way with the presence of real (and in some cases even quite large) markups - "verdicts" are generated randomly (with the exception of one nuance, which is discussed below) . Who doubts - do not be lazy and check for yourself =)

Why does this and similar sites exist? Who would need to support the work of such, so to speak, service - pay for a TLS certificate, expensive hosting, a domain name, write shitty code?

From the time of ancient Rome to this day, the approach immortalized in the aphorism "cui prodest?" - "Who benefits from this?". 

And here everything is just simple. 

In war, as you know, all means are good, and the authors of those competing with our service do not shun the dirtiest tricks.

A simple scheme looks like this:

1. The owners of the cheat service create such a website "cheating for cheating".

2. Having a base of its own users, this site always makes the "correct" verdicts to subscribers of its service.

3. Own subscribers are rubbed about "100% cheat antidetect"®. Users of other people's services are on antidepressants.

4. ???

5. Profit.

Thus, such resources fool both their own and other users, increasing the attractiveness of the affiliated service on the market.

Don't let the petty crooks fool you! ;)