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Twitch announced future updates on anti-cheating sites


Twitch announced future updates on anti-cheating sites

During the TwitchCon ceremony, the head of Twitch, Dan Clancy, made several announcements, and the most significant, in our opinion, was at the end of the event.
Specifically, it was announced that starting from November 1, new updates will be added to Twitch, and from November 15, these updates will begin to take effect.

Twitch Con 2023

If we don't go into too much detail, Twitch promises to tackle embedded players that are used on many websites, even if you didn't suspect it.


This type of boosting is one of the most well-known because such players are embedded on websites with movie, series, and anime streaming. You understand that the online audience is quite significant there, and the player remains hidden, so you don't even know that you're watching someone else's stream.


Now, the head of Twitch promises that embedding players won't work on websites unless the player is visible and occupies a significant space on the page. Naturally, most players won't be able to embed themselves on websites, and, as a result, viewers won't be counted for many.

From our side, our operation shouldn't change, but the implementation of these innovations on Twitch may temporarily affect the operation of our service. While Twitch is adding updates and testing other features, bots may not always perform at 100%.
This post is created solely for the purpose of informing our customers. These updates don't mean that you'll definitely have problems with your online presence, but we want to alert you that the possibility of issues exists because only Twitch themselves know their plans!


If you still experience issues, then we recommend the following 2 options:

  1. In your user dashboard above the tariffs, there's a status bar that shows the current operation of the boosting. If there are at least 20% of tariffs not working correctly, it will change to orange, and to red in the case of 50%!
    Viewer Boost Status Bar
  2. If you have problems, you can contact the "Support" section in your User Dashboard, and the operators will gladly assist you and compensate for the lost time on your tariff(s).
    Support Section on the Website

Keep an eye on our news; any important notifications regarding this information or any other will be published in the news or notifications on the website.