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Guess The International 2021 Winner & Get Fare


Guess The International 2021 Winner & Get Fare

Many Dota2 players have been waiting for The International 2021 (or The International 10) to start and finally wait for it!


The tenth tournament of this series has collected the largest record amount for tournaments. The prize pool is $ 40 million, it was helped by Dota2 players who made purchases in the Battle Pass catalog and 25% of all microtransactions were transferred to the TI10 prize pool.


We, in turn, decided not to take part in this event, and to introduce a small "competition".


You can predict the winner of the tournament, and not just try your luck, but also get a tariff for it!


To make participation more interesting and fair prizes, we decided to set a reward for the victory, depending on the odds of the bookmakers for the victory of each team. So if you believe in the victory of LGD, which are considered favorites, you will be able to receive a daily rate of 10 viewers. And if you believe in the outsiders of SGE or Thunder Predator, then you can win a month of 50 viewers.


Try your luck choosing your favorite team or try to guess the winner for the sake of an easy prize - it's up to you to decide.


Below is a table with awards for the guessed winning team.


Team Reward for win
LGD Day 10
Team Secret Day 25
Eg Day 25
OG Day 50
Virtus Pro Day 100
Elephant Day 100
Vici Gaming Day 100
Team Aster Day 100
IG Day 100
Quincy Crew Week 25
Team Spirit Week 25
T1 Week 25
Alliance Week25
Fnatic Week 50
Beastcoast Week 50
Team Undying Month 25
SGE Month 50
Thunder Predator Month 50


In order to avoid attempts to register new accounts and try to get a prize on them, we have introduced only 1 criterion for receiving a prize:

Your total spending on your account must be more than 100 rubles.


We wish you all good luck and pleasant viewing of the tournament. Let's raise the shields for your favorite team!