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Guide on how to use the new follow service to your channel.


Guide on how to use the new follow service to your channel.

  1. Dear users, today we have added the service of buying followers to your channel. In this article, we want to suggest how to use it correctly, so that no questions arise.


    Buy the tariff you are interested in, from the main page or from your personal account.

    цены на тарифы подписчиков.
  2. Go to your account, section "Streams", there you will see the tariff that appears.появившийся тариф 
  3. In the line "Url" we enter the link to the channel we need, in the line "Number" we enter the required number of bots, in the line "Interval (sec)" we enter the frequency of each bot will subscribe to the channel, then click on "Status" that would enable the service. Now you will automatically fill in the line "Twisted" so that you can understand how many bots have already come to the channel.
    заполненые строки
    сколько пришло
  4. Also, for your convenience, when the tariff is launched, a notification has been added at what time the promotion will end.
    оповещение накрутки
  5. If you suddenly entered an incomplete figure from the tariff into the "Quantity", then after the end of the wrapping action, when you want to continue spinning, you will need to enter the value that you need as a result (taking into account the first wrapping). For example, when buying a tariff 25, the first time you entered 20, then the second time if you want +3 more, you will need to enter 23, not 3. The first time you will receive 20 followers, and the second -3. As a result, you will receive 23 followers.

    ошибка ввода числа