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Method of balance replenishment via TG-wallet


Method of balance replenishment via TG-wallet

For those who do not prefer payment options through our website, we have decided to add a new, and most importantly, a very simple and effective method that works in many countries - payment via Telegram Wallet.

How to Make a Payment?

The payment method is extremely simple, follow these steps, and in just a couple of minutes, you will be able to make a payment.

  1. Go to the official Telegram Wallet bot (ensure there is a checkmark next to the name confirmation) and click Start.
    Telegram Wallet
  2. Click the "Open Wallet" button,
    Open TG Wallet
    then, to top up your balance, click "Plus."
    Top Up Balance in TG
  3. Make a purchase with a bank card or P2P Market (usually works better)
    Buy Currency
  4. Choose to buy TON or USDT (preferably TON)
    Purchase Currency by Card
    Or exchange it on P2P
    Purchase via P2P
  5. Then make the purchase for the desired amount (the balance will be credited at the wallet's exchange rate)
  6. In the chat with our Telegram channel -
    Our Telegram Chat
    click the "attach to the message" button and click on the Wallet icon
    Send Wallet in TG
  7. Next, click the "Send" button
    Send in TG Wallet
    and choose "Transfers within Telegram without a fee"
    Transfers within TG

  8. Enter the necessary transfer amount (you will see how much you will receive in your balance immediately)
    Send Currency to User
  9. After the transfer, write to us in the same chat and provide your nickname or link on our service.
  10. The funds will be credited within a certain period as soon as the manager verifies your payment (usually, this doesn't take much time).
  11. After the funds are credited, you can continue using the service!

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, you can always contact our support in your Personal Cabinet or write to the same Telegram chat, where our managers will be happy to assist you!