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Is it safe to connect your twitch account? Everything about oauth!


Is it safe to connect your twitch account? Everything about oauth!

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Many of you do not trust various sites that ask you to provide any information (without even delving into what and how the data transmission system works in general). We want to tell you that this function is completely safe.


OAuth is an open authorization protocol that allows you to provide a third party with limited access to protected user resources without the need to transfer your login and password to the third party. Of course, we will not interpret the full explanation, but we will also note the main property - "without the need to transfer a username and password." That is, when transferring a token through Oauth, you do not transfer your username or password, you can only transfer information that will report data about you on the established site (in our version, Twitch).


When you click the connect button, you see what information the site is requesting from you (in our case, mail), we use this information as a user identifier, as well as to send messages about site innovations, discounts, etc. So you don't have to worry when you press the button. And if you want, you can search the Internet for whole articles with explanations about the operation of this function. Twitch is concerned about your safety, so naturally we are. Let's build good friendships and everything will be great. Always your team getviewers.pro

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