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Returning the sale of followers


Returning the sale of followers

Good afternoon, dear users GetViewers.PRO!

We are glad to inform you that we are bringing back the follower service!< br />But, unfortunately, this service gets a few "nuances". From now on, we are no longer responsible for sold followers.
- And what does this expression mean, you ask!
— This means that now we sell a fixed number of followers and we are not responsible for their further number. Example: You bought 500 followers. If suddenly, after some time, let's say 10-20 bots are unsubscribed (And twitch can sometimes perform such manipulations), then we will not return the missing number of bots. We've sold 500 followers and that's the end of the service for us.

- What is the reason behind this decision?
&mdash ; In our market for the sale of this service, there is the cheapest price and the return in case of bans turned out to be not profitable enough, simple and generally meaningful. We tried to please you completely, even if it was a disadvantage for us. But such returns broke the principle of the service.
At the moment, we leave the service like this!

But that's not all! Perhaps you want to know - "And if I want to get 100% of followers, so that they would not unsubscribe or return in case of a ban"!

We have — You can write to any of our contacts or support on website and we will be happy to consider this option for selling services. Of course, this type of service will be more expensive than the current sale option.

See you soon, always your team GetViewers.PRO!