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New service - chat bots and DDOS service


New service - chat bots and DDOS service

Good afternoon, dear users GetViewers.PRO!

We have been testing the chat bot service for several days, many users took part in it and left their feedback and wishes. This is not the end of the intervention in the service, our competitors apparently were "very happy" with our success and launched a DDOS attack on the service. On July 31, 2019, access to the service was intermittent for several hours. The technical department has made every effort to restore the site, and therefore...

People involved in this wanted to see such an article, but they apparently did not understand that everything GetViewers.Pro does for its users — it's hard work and hard work. We have restored the site, improved protection against DDOS attacks and compensate for all the lost time for our users.
And also, we are glad to launch the chat bot service. You can learn more about how the new service works in this article.

I would like to note that in parallel we have almost completed the "Channel Views" service and are going to launch it soon. But now, to damage our service, alas, it will not work.

Those who staged the attack spent much more effort, money and resources than our losses. We always welcome feedback from users and full understanding of the current situation.
We also add a free "chat bots" service to the rate for leaving a review so that our users can check it for free.

See you soon, always your teamGetViewers.PRO